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Our devices

Micro Steer

The combined monopole epidural transforaminal electrocatheter equipped with a system for Current Flow Optimization (CFO) in pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) is passed through the vertebral foramen. The recourse to Micro Steers, thanks to the very small dimensions and the particular steering system of the active probe, allows to reach the lumbar ganglion of the spinal nerve roots rapidly and with precision for the creation of a reversible neuro lesion.

Equipped with a switch to activate or exclude the distal thermosensor for the continuous monitoring of the temperature, <b>Micro Steer</b> is furnished with a kit for the introduction of the universal RF generator wire.

A directional distal electrode for a perfect steering within the epidural space. The active distal and steerable probe allows the desired “target” to be reached with greater precision, without trauma, and with remarkable reduction of intervention timeframes.

<b>Avant garde Microtechnology</b>. Due to technical-constructive solutions and reduced dimensions (only 1.10 mm), <b>Micro Steer</b> allows pulsed RF treatments to be given in absolute safety for operators and patients, reaching elevated operational success rates.

Micro Steer is a valid alternative in the treatment of chronic pain, and warranties:<br /> • rapidity and therapeutic success;<br /> • repeatable treatments;<br /> • minimal invasiveness;<br /> • possibility to infuse the medications directly.

Micro Explorer

Guide wire for the introduction of the flexible microendoscope and epidural canal exploration. The epidural endoscopic procedure allows direct visualisation
of the internal “structures” of the spinal canal (caudal root, intervertebral foramen, intervertebral disc rings, scar tissues, etc.) in several directions.

<b>Micro Spacer</b> – a balloon dilator particularly indicated in surgery for the “opening” of the stenotic passage and dilating the anomalous degenerate adhesions in the surrounding tissue.

<b>Micro Explorer</b> is equipped with a device for the particularly effective mechanical seal and fix of the fibre. The video-guided Micro Explorer catheter was studied in minimum details to warranty a perfect surgical procedure, achieve the best performance in absolute safety and ensure sterility.

In order to proceed with a correct endoscopic technique, the dedicated instruments needed are:<br /> • Introducer sheath for access into the sacral-hiatus using the Seldinger technique;<br /> • Flexible and ultrathin optic fiber microendoscope (diameter 0.9 mm).

Epiduroscopy allows the intervention on the pathologic sites of the posterior lumbar parts and guarantees:<br /> • dilation of the anomalous adherences in the surrounding tissues;<br /> • intraforaminal introduction of liquids with tissue dilation;<br /> • targeted medication of the adhering scar tissue as occurs in Failed Back Surgery syndrome (FBSS);<br /> • lysing of the post-surgical adherences and liberation of the perineurium structures.

Radiofrequency set

Acacia offers a range of Radiofrequency Kits with various types/measurements of R.F. needles with exposed probe, thermocouple, single-use/multi-use and various configurations of procedural kits, for fast and correct implementation of the procedure.