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Products marketed


Bipolar needle for pulsed radiofrequency

RCSM14 is a bipolar needle for the stimulation of the nerve structures or ganglion designed for use in pulsed radiofrequency chronic pain therapies and treatments through a percutaneous approach. The system was designed to be associated with a radiofrequency generator via Neurimpulse wire adaptors.

It ensures the penetration of the tissues under the skin, supported by scalpels or cannulas, and transmits the electric signal of the radiofrequency generator to the site to be stimulated, combining excellent mechanical properties of resistance and flexibility.

Compared to the conventional systems, the system presents the advantage of generating an electric field surrounding the nervous structure involved with greater, local charge density and without current dispersion.

The RF RCSM14 needle system for the pulsed radiofrequency stimulation is ideal mainly for the application on the dorsal-root ganglion (DRG) and on the medial and posterior branch of the spinal roots at the lumbar, sacral, cervical and dorsal plexus.

It may furthermore be used for therapies to the peripheral nerves at intra-joints level.

Peripheral neurostimulators


Lightpulse 100L - 102

The implantable Lightpulse stimulators are quadripolar pulses, not rechargeable and dedicated to the stimulation of the peripheral nerves, and based on an efficient microprocessor technology. These stimulators are equipped with extensively settable parameters with completely configurable outputs.

Targeted pain management

The Lightpulse stimulators, studied and designed on purpose for peripheral stimulation, allow an easy and comfortable positioning of the system in proximity with the painful site.
This allows an effective stimulation with less energy issued and the consequent increase of durability.

Versatile solution for wellbeing

The Lightpulse stimulators offer doctors the possibility to choose at all times the stimulation in constant voltage or current, ensuring total freedom in their therapeutic options.

Special functions

Daily functions: daily setting of the activation and turn-off times with one-minute resolutions.

Circadian function: setting the extent of hour by hour stimulation, within the 24 hours, between minimum and maximum values defined by the doctor.

These functions, together with an extensive range of settable parameters, allow for the optimization of the therapy for each patient.


A broad diagnostics section allows all the necessary information to be obtained for a fast and easy follow-up through instantaneous telemetric measurements, trends and programme logs. The latter gives you the possibility to memorise and recall preset therapeutic profiles.

Durability and small dimensions

Activation of stimulation with on and off periods that can be independently set, ensures a remarkable energy savings with related increase in the stimulator’s life cycle.
Reduced weight and bulk favour an extensive choice of positioning.

Transdermal electrocatheter



The Lightline models are transdermal quadripolar electrocatheters, specifically designed for the stimulation of peripheral nerves.
Combining excellent mechanical properties of resistance and flexibility, the Lightline catheters are user-friendly in phases of installation for simple and target positioning.

Particular features

A diameter of 1.2 mm and internal structure of the spiral quadrifilar conductors confer <b>rigidity</b>, and at the same time, <b>elasticity</b>. These characteristics make it very easy to handle and favour long-term durability.

The <b>low electric resistance</b> of the conductors reduces the dispersion of energy, making the stimulus more effective and lengthens the stimulator’s life cycle.

The characteristic of the <b>platinum-iridium</b> electrodes allows for good visibility in the endoscopy, which facilitates the correct positioning of the catheter.

Availability of catheters with vast arrays of electrodes allows for an ample definition of the electric field for a more precise stimulation.

The package includes an <b>insulated Tuohy needle and two fixing sleeves</b> (of various dimensions) used to prevent the dislocation of the catheter installed.

LSL extensions


The extension is an extension for the positioning of the stimulator in farther and suitable regions with respect to the painful area.

Light Helper 100


The Light Helper 100 programmer is a simple and intuitive remote control device dedicated to the patient bearing the neurostimulator, to be used with all the Neurimpulse devices.

Designed for the patient

The patient, through Light Helper 100, may:

turn the stimulator on or off;

adjust a parameter between extension, frequency or duration;

obtain information on the status of the neurostimulator’s battery.

The patient comes first

pocket sizes and reduced weight allow for convenient transport;

the luminous and sound signals facilitate immediate use;

the telemetry ensures fast communication with the stimulator, reducing investigation times and allows each operation to be effected quickly and to the benefit of the patient;

automatic turning off of the device after 30’’ of use for prolonged durability.

External Neurostimulator


Tester Life 300

Tester Life 300 is a temporary stimulator for neurostimulation designed for the testing phase during the positioning of the catheter and the trial stimulation test.

Targeted pain management

The Tester Life 300 offers the same programmable features and functions of the implantable stimulator. A correct positioning of the catheter, through the Tester Life 300, helps the doctor to reach the painful site in a simple and targeted manner.
A correct configuration of the parameters, through the Tester Life 300, facilitates the choice of the right therapy.

Special functions

<b>Daily function</b>: daily setting of start and turn-off times with a one-minute resolution;

<b>Circadian function</b>: setting the extent of hour by hour stimulation, within the 24 hours, between minimum and maximum values defined by the doctor.

These functions, together with the extensive range of parameter settings, allow for the optimisation of the therapy for each patient.



The TL300ADA adaptor wire is assigned for use during the temporary neurostimulating implants, aimed at connecting the external neurostimulator with catheters or implanted extensions.

Programmers for peripheral neurostimulators


Lightmaster 100

The lightmaster 100 is the programmer designed for the management of the stimulators of the Neurimpulse stimulator family. The new technological platform on which the simple and intuitive user interface was developed, allows for easy and fast follow-ups.

Follow-up in a few clicks

The programmer allows:

testing of the efficacy of the stimulation and varying the output values;

instantaneous measurements of the battery and catheter impedance;

furnishing of the indication on the stimulator’s residual life;

memorization and visualisation of the data diagnostic graphs;

setting and memorisation of the therapies and recalling them according to needs.

Special functions

menu-structured user interface close to the user’s needs, with clear screens and simplified browsing;

fast follow-ups thanks to a fast communication between stimulator and programmer;

the size and light weight, in addition to the ergonomic design allows for easy transport and maneuverability.



The device is accompanied by a thermal infrared printer to print out the setting parameters and diagnostic graphs.