micro Explorer

Guiding catheter for the introduction of flexible microendoscopes and exploration of the epidural canal. The epidural endoscopy procedure allows direct visualization of the internal "structures" of the spinal canal (spinal roots, intervertebral foramina, intervertebral annular discs, scar tissues, etc.) in several directions.

The direct view of these well-defined structures in the video image with excellent resolution allows accurate diagnostic investigation of all anatomical structures and anomalies (adhesions, vascularisations, scar tissue, etc.) that are often the cause of painful diseases.

Besides the wide-ranging diagnostic possibilities, periduroscopy is a useful therapeutic approach focused on the pathological sites of the posterior dorsal compartment, guaranteeing:

  • distension of abnormal structures attached to the surrounding tissues;
  • intraforaminal introduction of fluids with tissue distension;
  • targeted dressing of adherent scar tissue such as in failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS);
  • lysis of post-surgical adhesions with release of the perineurium structures.

Dedicated tools are used to correctly implement the endoscopic technique, such as:
  • introduction of "anti-kneeling" valves for sacral hiatus access using the Seldinger technique;
  • ultra-thin flexible fiber optic microendoscope (diameter 0.9 mm).

Micro Spacer - Balloon Stretcher. Dedicated tool particularly suitable in "opening" operations of the stenotic space and in the relaxation of abnormal structures adhering to the surrounding tissue.

Micro Explorer is equipped with a particularly effective mechanically sealed fibre fastener. The micro Explorer video guided catheter is designed to ensure perfect operations and achieve the best performance in complete safety and sterility.
micro Explorer Set
AC 209 F3501 micro Explorer 9frx350 mm - Epiduroscopic guiding catheter
1 Balloon extender
1 Sterile introduction set with valved introducer 9.00/10.00 fr.
micro Explorer Set
AC 209 F350Video guide for bidirectional epiduroscopy 9frx350mm


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