Bipolar needle for pulsed radiofrequency

RCSM14 is a bipolar needle for the stimulation of the nerve structures or ganglion designed for use in pulsed radiofrequency chronic pain therapies and treatments through a percutaneous approach. The system was designed to be associated with a radiofrequency generator via Neurimpulse wire adaptors.

It ensures the penetration of the tissues under the skin, supported by scalpels or cannulas, and transmits the electric signal of the radiofrequency generator to the site to be stimulated, combining excellent mechanical properties of resistance and flexibility.

Compared to the conventional systems, the system presents the advantage of generating an electric field surrounding the nervous structure involved with greater, local charge density and without current dispersion.
The RF RCSM14 needle system for the pulsed radiofrequency stimulation is ideal mainly for the application on the dorsal-root ganglion (DRG) and on the medial and posterior branch of the spinal roots at the lumbar, sacral, cervical and dorsal plexus.
It may furthermore be used for therapies to the peripheral nerves at intra-joints level.


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