External Neurostimulator

Tester Life 300

Tester Life 300 is a temporary stimulator for neurostimulation designed for the testing phase during the positioning of the catheter and the trial stimulation test.

Targeted pain management

The Tester Life 300 offers the same programmable features and functions of the implantable stimulator. A correct positioning of the catheter, through the Tester Life 300, helps the doctor to reach the painful site in a simple and targeted manner. A correct configuration of the parameters, through the Tester Life 300, facilitates the choice of the right therapy.

Special functions

  • Daily function: daily setting of start and turn-off times with a one-minute resolution;
  • Circadian function: setting the extent of hour by hour stimulation, within the 24 hours, between minimum and maximum values defined by the doctor.

These functions, together with the extensive range of parameter settings, allow for the optimisation of the therapy for each patient.


Physical featuresTESTER LIFE 300
Height:28,5 mm
Lenght:63 mm
Depth:95 mm
Weight:129 gr
Volume:195 cm3
Connector:Octopolar plug with key
Casing material:ABS


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