Light Helper 100

The Light Helper 100 programmer is a simple and intuitive remote control device dedicated to the patient bearing the neurostimulator, to be used with all the Neurimpulse devices.

Designed for the patient

The patient, through Light Helper 100, may:

  • turn the stimulator on or off;
  • adjust a parameter between extension, frequency or duration;
  • obtain information on the status of the neurostimulator’s battery.

The patient comes first

  • pocket sizes and reduced weight allow for convenient transport;
  • the luminous and sound signals facilitate immediate use;
  • the telemetry ensures fast communication with the stimulator, reducing investigation times and allows each operation to be effected quickly and to the benefit of the patient;
  • automatic turning off of the device after 30’’ of use for prolonged durability.
Physical featuresLIGHT HELPER 100
Measurements:7.5x42x92 mm
Weight:28 gr
Power:n. 1 battery CR2030


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