Peripheral neurostimulators

Lightpulse 100L - 102

The implantable Lightpulse stimulators are quadripolar pulses, not rechargeable and dedicated to the stimulation of the peripheral nerves, and based on an efficient microprocessor technology. These stimulators are equipped with extensively settable parameters with completely configurable outputs.

Targeted pain management

The Lightpulse stimulators, studied and designed on purpose for peripheral stimulation, allow an easy and comfortable positioning of the system in proximity with the painful site. This allows an effective stimulation with less energy issued and the consequent increase of durability.

Versatile solution for wellbeing

The Lightpulse stimulators offer doctors the possibility to choose at all times the stimulation in constant voltage or current, ensuring total freedom in their therapeutic options.

Special functions

  • Daily functions: daily setting of the activation and turn-off times with one-minute resolutions.
  • Circadian function: setting the extent of hour by hour stimulation, within the 24 hours, between minimum and maximum values defined by the doctor.

These functions, together with an extensive range of settable parameters, allow for the optimization of the therapy for each patient.


A broad diagnostics section allows all the necessary information to be obtained for a fast and easy follow-up through instantaneous telemetric measurements, trends and programme logs. The latter gives you the possibility to memorise and recall preset therapeutic profiles.

Durability and small dimensions

Activation of stimulation with on and off periods that can be independently set, ensures a remarkable energy savings with related increase in the stimulator’s life cycle. Reduced weight and bulk favour an extensive choice of positioning.

Physical featuresLIGHTPULSE 100LLIGHTPULSE 102
Weight:25.5 gr26.4 gr
Volume:11 cm313 cm3
Height:50.5 mm53.4 mm
Width:34.6 mm47.1 mm
Depth:7.2 mm7.2 mm
Connector:quadripolar in line Standard Neurimpulsedouble bipolar Standard Neurimpulse
Casing:biocompatible titaniumbiocompatible titanium
Head:resin with silicon coatingresin with silicon coating
Code:NSLP 100LNSLP 102


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