for peripheral neurostimulators

Lightmaster 100

The lightmaster 100 is the programmer designed for the management of the stimulators of the Neurimpulse stimulator family. The new technological platform on which the simple and intuitive user interface was developed, allows for easy and fast follow-ups.

Follow-up in a few clicks

The programmer allows:

  • testing of the efficacy of the stimulation and varying the output values;
  • instantaneous measurements of the battery and catheter impedance;
  • furnishing of the indication on the stimulator’s residual life;
  • memorization and visualisation of the data diagnostic graphs;
  • setting and memorisation of the therapies and recalling them according to needs.

Special functions

  • menu-structured user interface close to the user’s needs, with clear screens and simplified browsing;
  • fast follow-ups thanks to a fast communication between stimulator and programmer;
  • the size and light weight, in addition to the ergonomic design allows for easy transport and maneuverability.
Physical featuresLIGHTMASTER 100
Measurements:232x97x54.5 mm
Weight:478 gr
Battery capacity:2100 mAH


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