Transdermal electrocatheter


The Lightline models are transdermal quadripolar electrocatheters, specifically designed for the stimulation of peripheral nerves. Combining excellent mechanical properties of resistance and flexibility, the Lightline catheters are user-friendly in phases of installation for simple and target positioning.

Particular features

  • A diameter of 1.2 mm and internal structure of the spiral quadrifilar conductors confer rigidity, and at the same time, elasticity. These characteristics make it very easy to handle and favour long-term durability.
  • The low electric resistance of the conductors reduces the dispersion of energy, making the stimulus more effective and lengthens the stimulator’s life cycle.
  • The characteristic of the platinum-iridium electrodes allows for good visibility in the endoscopy, which facilitates the correct positioning of the catheter.
  • Availability of catheters with vast arrays of electrodes allows for an ample definition of the electric field for a more precise stimulation.
  • The package includes an insulated Tuohy needle and two fixing sleeves (of various dimensions) used to prevent the dislocation of the catheter installed.

Lightline 130ECNLL 130Quadripolar30 cm4 mm5 ohm
Lightline 130SECNLL 130SQuadripolar30 cm2 mm5 ohm
Lightline 130LECNLL 130LQuadripolar30 cm6 mm5 ohm
Lightline 150ECNLL 150Quadripolar50 cm4 mm8 ohm
Lightline 150SECNLL 150SQuadripolar50 cm2 mm8 ohm
Lightline 150LECNLL 150LQuadripolar50 cm6 mm8 ohm


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